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Leisure Development Partners (LDP) is a leading consulting practice focused on leisure and entertainment real estate. LDP excels at market and economic testing for both new projects and existing operations, providing services to the development, investment and operations communities.

LDP provides feasibility, economic and market analysis for theme parks, waterparks, attractions, entertainment centres, museums, educational and heritage attractions, event venues, mixed use masterplans, retail and resort projects.

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LDP produces feasibility studies, business plans and performance improvement strategies for the worldwide visitor attraction and leisure industry.

LDP helps decision makers achieve maximum benefit from their investments. Our work is in feasibility, business planning, due diligence and cost benefit analysis with a focus on visitor attractions, theme parks, heritage, educational and cultural attractions, entertainment venues, mixed use projects with leisure and tourism anchors.

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Global Experience

Our core team is based in London and works worldwide. We pride ourselves on in-depth market knowledge gained through extensive field research for each assignment. We balance local insight with global experience. Our team has worked in more than 60 countries.

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Over 100
years experience
…within the LDP team, which consists of leaders in the economics of visitor attractions and entertainment, as well as operations and accommodation specialists. Who We Are
128 hours
avg. new research
LDP has an incredible database of benchmarks for all of the land uses we address but we do not rest on our laurels and new market and industry research is undertaken for every assignment in addition to analysis and reporting. Approach
6 out of 7
We have helped clients all over the world to test and enhance worldclass destinations, on every continent, except Antarctica. Experience