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LDP excels in projects which combine multiple land uses including accommodation, leisure and entertainment, sports facilities and venues, attractions, retail, food and beverage and residential properties. Our experience allows us to test viability for the entire scheme recognizing the value of uses which may not contribute significantly to returns but which drive visitation, planning gain, or image and economic impact. The ability to view a master planned resort or site in its entirety and not just as individual uses provides a realistic view as to returns, programme and phasing suitability.

Recent LDP clients and projects include:

  • Aga Khan Development Network
  • ADD Ventures
  • Solidere
  • Park 21
  • Bow Street Hotel
  • Daelzicht/Limburg Tourism

Selected Projects

EarthQuest, Texas, US (Earth Quest Adventures)

LDP has performed the feasibility and market study, financial analysis, business planning and economic concept development for this nature themed attraction cluster and resort. Land uses include a major theme park, the Earth Quest Institute (a non-profit museum, education and research centre), indoor waterpark, family entertainment centre, retail and entertainment district, adventure sports area, cinemas and several hotels.

La Défense, Paris

LDP was tasked with testing and developing the programme for a mixed use scheme planned to redevelop and reinvigorate the La Défense area in Paris, this included a cluster of food and beverage, extensive retail, several attractions and entertainment offers, public spaces and public gathering and event areas.

Park 21, Amsterdam Region

Working for the local municipality, LDP was retained to do the full market analysis and feasibility for a major new park to include a variety of attractions and create a new destination in the region. Uses reviewed included theme parks waterparks, specialty attractions, cultural and heritage elements and others.

Nairobi City Park, Kenya (Nairobi City)

Working with a Master Planning firm LDP has inputted into the feasibility for Nairobi City Park regeneration and transformation, which is moving forward under the Aga Khan Development Network. This included the feasibility for a planned botanic gardens, children’s and family attractions, retail and dining cluster. This included case study review of some of the world’s leading botanic gardens.

Al Zorah, Ajman (Al Zorah and Solidere)

The LDP team has recently prepared the market testing, programme testing alongside the design team and financial feasibility for entertainment, leisure, dining, attractions and retail planned for inclusion in the Al Zorah Resort, a destination beach resort and mixed use development cluster.