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The LDP team has extensive experience of waterparks including outdoor waterparks, indoor waterparks, waterpark hotels and resorts etc.  We have worked for leading waterparks to aid them in their expansion plans, for theme parks considering waterparks as a second gate and for developers of stand-alone waterparks and waterpark hotels.

Recent LDP projects include:

  • Liseberg waterpark hotel
  • Longleat Safari Park waterpark hotel
  • Sarkanniemi waterpark hotel
  • Sandcastle Blackpool (the UK’s leading indoor waterpark) expansion planning
  • Planned waterpark resort for South East of England
  • KSA waterpark, resort and attraction planning
  • Planned waterpark in Houston, Texas
  • Planned waterpark in Ontario, Canada
  • Waterpark feasibility in markets as diverse as the UAE, KSA, Spain, Portugal, Romania, the USA etc.

Selected Projects

Liseberg Waterpark Hotel, Gothenburg

LDP developed and tested the waterpark and hotel programme for the Liseberg waterpark hotel which is under development. Economic impact analysis was also provided to reflect on employment, tourism and economic impacts for the city as well as update around the impact of Covid 19.

Indoor Waterpark Hotel, Amsterdam

As part of the master plan for Park 21 in the Netherlands, LDP reviewed the potential for a waterpark hotel on the site. The analysis included an assessment of off-site as well as on-site demand and the resulting financial performance of the waterpark hotel.

Sandcastle, Blackpool

LDP provided benchmarking, performance insight, expansion planning and forecasting for Sandcastle, the UK’s leading indoor waterpark.

Waterpark, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For a confidential client, LDP completed a feasibility study for a major planned waterpark as a part of a tourism and recreation destination (this is one of several waterpark projects we have completed in the KSA in recent years).

Themed Waterpark, Ajman

For a confidential developer, LDP conducted the market analysis and financial feasibility of a high end themed waterpark which would form part of a larger master planned resort community.